Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Or lack of, as the case often is.

My new year's resolution was not to buy any more clothes for myself until my birthday in March. My only relapse so far was this cute halterneck thing from Debenhams, made from my favourite kind of stiff cotton and my favourite kind of skirt shape, for £12.60 from £42.

Dress: Red Herring, Debenhams
Cardi: Katharine House Hospice, with all the labels cut off

I can't wait for high summer (as high as it gets round here, anyway) to wear it with my Converse, which I got mainly for the awesome ankle pads. I know Converse are very popular and 'mainstream' which I think is why I think they get some hate in certain places.

 Shoes: Converse, TK Maxx


  1. sv; Yeah, summer really gives more options in what to wear! And you won't freeze to death like you do in Norway at the winter times. :p I was in London last year around start of september. Was REALLY hot there then. So you do get warmth sometimes. Besides.. Hmm can't remember the name of the city, but you got some little town near the Gulf Stream, so its gotta be tropic there. :p

    Really love that dress btw!

    1. Septembers are usually ok temperature-wise round here, you're right x) Thanks!

  2. I have a similar dress like that, and i felt it wasnt my style cos it looked too "girly", im going to pair them up with converse too :D
    Great idea

    1. I wear Converse with pretty much anything, in fact I'm writing up a post on them at the moment ^_^


Thank you ♥

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