Friday, 23 March 2012


It was my birthday yesterday! I had a nice day. Eventually I'll have to show you my haul.

Since Sunday, I have been most unhealthily, decimatingly and all-consumingly obsessed with BBC 3's supernatural satire, Being Human. For years I've been watching the odd half hours of probably all of the series - I remember watching parts of the first series when things were being explained - but because it's on quite late and I wasn't really in the target audience group, I never fell into it. How that's changed.

Now, meet Alex. Played by Kate Bracken, she appears in episode 6, I believe, of the most recent series 4, of which the finale is airing this Sunday. (I am extremely excited for it.) The easiest way to describe her is to say that she's basically a post-watershed Pond, with less ginger and more sarcastic. And she rocks.

Meet Alex. (The girl, not the man.)
Being a relatively obscure series, compared to the likes of Who and Sherlock anyway, I must first apologise for the pretty shocking quality of the pictures, which I screenshotted from iPlayer. But don't diss because I won't hear a word against iPlayer because it let me watch Being Human, albeit back to front...

Boots: Doc Martens
Once again, to spur me to jealousy, someone has these Triumph DMs. Wearing them only half laced-up shows off the tartan pattern on the inside of the boot. Combined with light blue short shorts and a simple chequered shirt and leather jacket, Alex has the charm and attitude to catch the attention of even the painfully awkward and 'sexually repressed' Hal.

Later, Alex layers what seems to be some kind of waistcoat or corset top over a pink vest, showing a little splash of colour in an otherwise all-black outfit. I've always loved waistcoats, on both girls and guys, and I love the buttons of Alex's.

"Oh, thanks sugar. I’m sure that sounded less creepy in your head." - Alex, on Hal being creepy

I find the juxtapositioning of the leather jacket with the romantic dark teal dress lively and edgy, but dressy at the same time - a perfect ensemble for a date, perhaps? Let's just hope your lucky date hasn't the tendency to indiscriminately rip girls' throats out.

It's probably too much to hope she'll become a recurring character in the series, but I cannot wait to see more of her. I can only hope the next companion in line (who is, much to my disappointment, not Chinese) is half as fantastic as Alex.


  1. Dude, happy birthday! We have the same birthday!!!

    1. Thank you; hope you had a nice day too!

  2. Happy bday and thanks for your advice at my blog. I'll try it.
    Anyway, i saw your share button at the left side of your blog. Where did you make it and how to know the HTTP code?

    1. Thank you!
      The share column: go to Layout > Add a Gadget > new html gadget and use the code
      < textarea >TEXT HERE< /textarea >
      (without the spaces) to get the pastable boxes.
      Hope it works for you!


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