Monday, 5 March 2012

The girl who waited

The arrival of Pond to the beloved Doctor Who series coincided with my beginning to pay attention to clothes, and naturally, with her kick-ass style, she quickly became one of my biggest inspirations. Fearless, fiery and fun, Pond is quite definitely my favourite Doctor's companion.

I almost just killed myself looking for decent fullbody shots of Pond in her numerous outfits, amongst some of the most eyeball-vaporising cosplays, but I've done most of the hard work for you, so scroll forth and admire the effortless badassery of Amy Pond!

Being a flaming redhead shouldn't be a barrier to wearing the brightest stripes you can find! And I love how she balances out a miniskirt with long-sleeved top and opaque tights, finished off with some knock-out footwear.

Lace-up boots, especially those absolutely gorgeous Triumph Doc Martens, are a favourite of hers, often worn with leather jackets and denim skirts to make up her trademark look we often see on the promotional posters. Coloured opaque tights also feature frequently, like the yellow and red above.

It still makes me laugh when I think of how parents complained that Pond was too promiscuous. Yes, practically raping the Doctor was probably too far for Who's younger audience - even I, in discomfort, averted my eyes and grimaced - but is she really the bad influence on little girls to be worrying about? Maybe I'm too old to be influenced by some character wearing a skirt a centimetre or twelve shorter than what I'd see as appropriate, and too young to be worrying about the influence Pond has on the really small children.

Worn in Vincent and the Doctor

Above is one of my favourite outfits, though unfortunately I haven't been able to locate the most amazing pictures. The coat is the most delicious shade of blue, and pops marvellously with the red scarf and jumper. Looks quite warm, except for the skirt and rather chilly-looking tights!

Worn in The Girl Who Waited

My absolute favourite outfit of hers, however, is from the rather good episode The Girl Who Waited. (Though why are my favourite outfits so hard to find on Google?) The muted purple colour of that adorable polka-dot shirt is in perfect harmony with the pinkish cropped leather jacket; and, those boots. One of my best friends and fellow Whovian, Ginge, has those boots. NOT. FAIR. Plus, when buying them from a Docs Shop in Liverpewl, a little girl mistook her for Pond herself! How amazing is that? I cannot wait until the Doctor gets a Chinese companion...


  1. omg this post is perfect! i love Doctor Who! best show ever :)

  2. hey dear love this post.... all the outfits r awesome... mind checking ma blog?

  3. Oh my gosh I'm totally craving a yellow and black striped sweater now! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    sorelle in style

    1. Thanks! Who knew bee stripes could look so good?

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my website! Yes, Amy Pond really does have a comfy style that I definitely like. I hope you'll visit my blog again and maybe follow it in the future. :) It's great to meet a fellow Whovian in the internets. LOL

    Renee J.

  5. I was searching for pictures of amys polka dot blouse and yours was the fifth... and actually the only one which really showed the blouse I searched for. I'm glad you found it in the depths of the internet. I wasn't aware that there would be like zero pictures of Amys outfits. I liked Amys style, this outfit in particular and this episode a lot and so I did my nails like the blouse. I'll link your post back so my followers can stop by if they want to. :)

    1. I made this post to collect Pond's outfits, including the ones which there are rubbish pictures for, so I'm really happy you found this :) Thanks!


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