Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Plushie haul

It's been days after the finale of the fourth series of Being Human, of which I did a related post on up-and-coming character Alex last week, and I'm already desperate for the next instalment. The stage is set and I'm missing the characters I slowly came to love so much already!

In the meantime, I said I'd show off some of the lovely presents I received for my birthday. My friend K gave me these adorable plushies to join my collection. I'm sure Mustang, one of my favourite characters from the manga Fullmetal Alchemist by Arakawa Hiromu, will be become great friends with some of my other toys, who I'll introduce you to some other day. For now, I'm sure Mustang and his furry bacterium companion will suffice.

Mustang with Shigella Dysenteriae
I recently noticed that on Mustang's label, it says 'suitable for 15 years or over'. Bloody hell - by then you could almost be driving actual Mustangs! I did a little more research, and found on Wikipedia that apparently 'In 2005 in the U.S., 20 children under 15 years of age died in incidents associated with toys'. You are joking. So, kiddies, you can't have this Mustang plushie because he'll set you on fire with his ignition cloth, and then you'll swallow him whole, or something.

From my friend Ginge I received a rather awesome vest dress from a British brand called Drop Dead, which I will have great fun styling up looks for, one of which is pretty much ready to go and in the queue for my LB.


  1. A fellow Aries birthday ! Hope you had a lovely day, and you've got a great blog here, keep it up :)

    Georgia xx


Thank you ♥

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