Thursday, 17 May 2012

Frilly socks

Get a load of this: I, with the crafting dexterity of a swollen foot, DIY-ed something. Nevertheless, even my low-levelled sewing skills were sufficient to unlock this shiny new item in my wardrobe: frilly socks! Actually, perhaps it would be more accurate to describe them as a returning item rather than a new one. My clothes drawer was once awash with frilly socks, but alas - that was ten years ago and they have all been lost to time.

I do remember where one pair went. Once my sister was in a rush to go somewhere important, and was in dire need of some white socks. So, right in front of her, I deliberately ignored all the plain white socks as I dug around in my drawer, to obtain the silliest and frilliest socks to lend to her. Because making one's big sister wear frilly socks is Such Fun.

Socks: DIY
Trainers: Converse, some sports shop
The crisp white lace is very good at showing up how off-white my Converse are!

Socks: DIY
Heels: Hush Puppies,
I had two lengths of these frills from the haberdashery in the market, which were just perfect for sewing onto these ankle socks, which are from Primark. It took a little practice trying to get the tensions right, because I underestimated the difference in elasticity between the socks and the frills, but I am immensely proud of myself for sewing something on my own.

I quickly whipped up an outfit with my socks and tartan dress (which, one day, I will stop harping on about,) but that's for another day. In the meantime, feast your eyes upon the crisp white lacy frilly socks LB has to offer. I really love them with ankle boots and brogues.


  1. Cute socks, lovely.
    Oh, I also like the way you tied your laces of your All Stars (:

    Please stop by some time xx

    1. Thanks! The first thing I did when I came home with those shoes was to lace 'em up weird.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog..
    You have a very cute blog, I scrolled down to read other post.. And oh my God, you have collection pictures of things I love :)

    It's a pleasure to follow you. You can follow me back if you want to :)


  3. Ah, that's so cute! I suddenly feel the need to do this to all of my socks now!

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Thanks! It's super easy, do try it.


Thank you ♥

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