Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gotta Lovett

Only when I  researched costume design for an art exam did I realise that the stunning outfit designs of characters in films like Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands and A Series of Unfortunate Events were of one American costume designer, Colleen Atwood.

Atwood's illustrations

I remember first watching Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd with my Wifey on DVD, who's a fan of Tim Burton, and since then it's become one of my favourite films. Stephen Sondheim's soundtrack is spine-tingling, the story is dark and harsh and tragic, and the costumes are quiet masterpieces. And then there's the sullen and angular Mrs. Lovett...

Mrs. Lovett is a grimy crow, subtle, moody, and gothic, and this is delightfully brought out by her beautifully detailed collection of dresses. Even as her financial situation improves, they remain low-key and controlled, but with a delightful touch of life in Burton's signature murky world. Atwood says,
"I thought she'd be attracted to a bit of obvious glitter. Underneath she had 
fantastic underwear you never see — great bloomers and corsets."

Don't you Lovett?


  1. You're so right! Have you seen "Dark Shadows" the latest movie with Johnny Depp? There are also amazing costumes in that one!

    Mary Jane

    1. I've heard of Dark Shadows; did Atwood do that one too? Thanks for telling me about it, maybe I'll have a look at it if just for the costumes xD

  2. This blog is a good way to inspire others, keep it that way.


Thank you ♥

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