Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pre-exam haul

It was deceptively sunny this morning, when we set out to the Sunday car boot sale we've been meaning to have a poke round for weeks. Good thing I brought my measles trenchcoat to keep me toasty. I bought two very simple metal rings for 30p for sticking buttons and other such oddities onto, so I can pretend to be crafty.

And on an impulse, I found this little TARDIS money box for 80p. It's about 18cm tall, made of plastic, and will look great somewhere in my room with all my other useless crap! I also recently stuck up some Doctor Who pics, of Pond and the Doctor, to fill the gaping hole on my wall, along with a couple of amazing Zelda posters from a Ninty magazine I bought specifically for the freebies. I'll show you one day.

TARDIS money box from the car boot sale

After lunch, we had a mooch around New Look, just for fun. After four months of not buying any clothes worth more than £3, I came out with two new items I found in the sale racks. To try and make my resolution of shopping abstinence realistic, I set the finishing line at my birthday, which was two months ago so I'm still satisfied.

Jumper: New Look
Dress: Parisian, New Look
On the left is a massive mint jumper which I am wearing right now because it is super cosy and comfy. I found it in the children's section's sale rack for £7 from £17. The tartan dress on the right I picked up the second time I walked past, and I'm so glad I did because it looks wicked. Unfortunately it's 100% manmade material and my mum pointed out that the chequers don't quite line up perfectly in the middle, but it was £11 from £23 which I think is not too bad for a nice-looking dress. It's a bit above knee-length, the seam between the top and skirt is passable enough to go without a belt if I'm not feeling very belty.

Yesterday in the shoe warehouse I found these gorgeous Clarks boots. They looked fabulous, though they were a little narrow and had a completely redundant zip up the side. What is the point of a zip when the boot is only seven holes high anyway?? Oh yeah, and they were fifty flipping pounds. If they were less than £40, I might have considered buying them. Oh well.
The Clarks 'Orinoco' boots which are stupid expensive, much to my dismay
And, my exams start next week. ...Yay?


  1. I love your new money box!

    Mary Jane

    1. Awesome, isn't it? Glad I got it :D


Thank you ♥

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