Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Victorian blouse

I've always been fascinated with Victorian fashion: the bell-shaped skirts, high necklines, fingerless gloves, pagoda sleeves, and the texture and layering of lace and frills and other such drapery. Its sophistication and elegance can't only appeal to me alone, as Victorian fashion is still prominent in modern styles like lolita (which is probably where I first discovered it) and steampunk.

While I don't dress in any of these styles, I'd really, really love a Victorianesque high-collared blouse.

|| one || two || three || four ||
As I'd just like it for everyday wear, maybe the bow on 2. is a little much, but I love the lace, frills and ruffles of these blouses. The only long-sleeved blouses I have at the moment are shapeless school shirts and a badly-fitting shirt from Primark, so these in comparison will be absolute luxury.

While chiffon is floaty and pretty, I prefer good old stiffer, thicker cotton. These ones are all white, but I wouldn't mind it being cream either, to get away from the school shirt idea. I'm sure they would all look amazing with a high-waisted skirt and my mum's Victorianesque button boots.

Boots: Clarks, mum's boot collection
I can drool and speculate, but I had trouble finding even these examples on the internet, and they are all from the most obscure sources, from China on eBay or from some obscure lolita-related source, a style mostly unseen in UK, and probably extremely expensive too. It can't be impossible, because I've seen someone at school in a blouse which isn't quite like my examples, but is gorgeous all the same. But where on earth am I going to find a blouse like that in a physical shop near me?


  1. I love the victorian style too, so vintage and elegant! Really love this post.

  2. Maybe a second hand or vintage shop? They are usually located in every city you just have to find them... ;-) Btw, I love the Victorian style as well. Sometimes I wish I'd have born in that age, just to dress like that ;-)

    Mary Jane

    1. Yeah, I've been trawling through charity shops, no luck so far but I'll keep looking! x3

  3. Very cute!



Thank you ♥

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