Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Outfit sketches

I've had an arty few days, and now they can get even more artier because I am officially done with exams this year. The violining is indeed agonising, and I keep dreaming about having more exams I didn't even know about. It's not very nice.
Outfit Sketches on DeviantART
Cardi: New Look
T-shirt: Esprit
Necklace: Next
Belt: Topshop
Shorts: Lee
Socks: present
Trainers: Converse
Blazer: Next
Vest: Primark
Blouse: Topshop
Shorts: New Look
Tights: New Look
Socks: Primark
Boots: Rockport
Bag: Nica
Cardi: New Look
Choker: Claire's
Vest: Esprit
Dress: New Look
Skirt: Malvin
Tights: New Look
Socks: Tesco
Heels: Hush Puppies
Scarf: mum's wardrobe
Cardi: mum's wardrobe
Dress: M&S
Belt: sister's wardrobe
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: Pringle
Boots: Clarks

I traced these from pencil sketches I did, to help me remember what looks I want to shoot, and what looks I want to try out. I do own all the clothes there - perhaps you can recognise some of the garments - but I suspect my sister is in possession of the green corduroy blazer, which is somewhat understandable seeing as it belongs to her. Perhaps you'll be seeing the ensembles on the right in photographs soon.

Also, I'm drawing my best friends' faces, as presents. The one I just finished is excruciating but I'll show you once I recover.


  1. Wow ! Nice sketch !!
    How do you do that? :)
    You should teach me hehe

  2. Tour sketches are awesome!

  3. dreaming of exams..nightmare!
    love love love your sketches!

    1. I know, and I've already finished them too ¬.¬ Thank you :D

  4. What awesome sketches! Wish I could draw like that... ;-)

    Mary Jane

  5. Beautiful illustrations :) I'm your newewst follower :)

  6. oh my, you've got such a talent! Love the illustrations :)


Thank you ♥

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