Tuesday, 5 June 2012


A subculture highly popular and to be seen everywhere on the internet, steampunk fashion is Victorian style industrialised and infused with elements of sci-fi and fantasy. As well as the usual Victorianesque attire of ruffles, corsets and bustles, goggles and gears feature heavily in this style.

'Steampunk Doll' on UselessDevice's DeviantART
'Steampunk' on pure-insomnia's DeviantART
Clockwork corset from Brute Force Studios, Etsy
'Caribbean Steampunk' on Coleria's DeviantART
Grey underbust waistcoat from Steampunk Couture
Bung the word into Google and feast your eyes upon the steampunk-inspired gizmo-modding, interior design, outfits and accessories. I don't ever see it becoming mainstream street fashion, though it would be spectacular to see people wearing these kind of ensembles on the street; nevertheless, as a form of art, steampunk's aesthetic I think is absolutely fascinating.


  1. I think it's amazingly beautiful. Not really wearable in everyday life (at least not in the little provincial city I live in), but I'm very much in love with this style! <3

  2. It's certainly an wonderful style, so special. I agree with you that it would be great to see this in the street. The glasses are awesome!

    Please stop by some time xx

  3. Hi ^o^ thank you so much for featuring my work in your blog! ^w^ (w/ the Bibian Blue corset, coleria's picture)
    I think you'd like to know that slowly, steampunk might be an invisible trend for all the next fashion collections coming soon :D (as an example, you can see on the website of the last french convention "Who's next" that 20th century was one of their main inspirations). Maybe we'll wear steampunkish outfits in the future! It'd be so nice ~


Thank you ♥

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