Sunday, 22 July 2012

Coloured tights

One of my favourite things to wear are opaque coloured tights. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple, your legs will look awesome in it. I insist. As my lovely examples suggest, they're easiest to splash in with a plain outfit of a base colour like black or white - with a lovely black dress and shoes, it's difficult to go wrong with funky-coloured legs. But if you're really pro, you can still look fancifully fabulous in all-out brights.

It was in TK Maxx where I purchased my purple and red ones, and since then, they've become faithful fashion friends and definite wardrobe staples. More recently I got some orange ones from Dorothy Perkins. Thanks to Limeyland's consistently grim climate, I am wearing them all the time. I remember the first few times wearing them, I felt a little self-conscious of the vivid hue of my hosiery, but soon became completely accustomed to it.

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Ultimately, I aspire to have a beautifully organised sock index like Sherlock's, though mine will contain tights and socks of all colours, textures, patterns and lengths. For some reason I don't think Sherlock will own tights.


  1. I absolutely share your love for coloured tights! And luckily the store I work in it has an amazing collection of coloured tights. I own a pair of bordeaux, olive green and pink up to know but there are going to be sooooooo many more this autumn and winter.

    1. I just bought a pile of cool tights on my holiday, gotta post it up soon. Thanks!

  2. I love love love tights! so addicting!


Thank you ♥

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