Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Friends, and self-portrait

I almost forgot about the drawings of my friends I was going to show you. I draw them as presents, or when we go to each other's houses and draw each other for fun.

Ginge's face on DeviantART
My Wifey's face on DeviantART
The two above were drawn on Paint Tool SAI on the graphics tablet, using photos as references. The ones below are just quick sketches of Ginge and Isa as we lounged about in Isa's room doing nothing.

Isa and Ginge sketches on DeviantART

Ginge and Isa sketches on DeviantART

Yesterday I also finally finished off the self-portrait that's been sitting there unfinished for three months. All I did was tweak the mouth and redo the nose, and you can see from the style I chose to do it that it couldn't have taken all that long. At least it's finished now, I feel like I can continue with my other drawings on the computer without something nagging at me. It's annoying having so many drawings on the go at the same time.
Self-Portrait on DeviantART
Half the reason for me even drawing this was to put in the left sidebar of this blog. I think it looks good there, though I'll miss Hawkeye (from the best manga ever, Fullmetal Alchemist) with her glasses - a disguise - pulling an awesome action pose about to blow someone's brain's out.

Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist
I tried drawing the self portrait above with my newer glasses, but I think my old half-frame Harry Potter glasses work better for the purposes of art, since they're less fussy. If you are confused as to why those glasses are Harry Potter glasses, it's because their brand is actually Harry Potter. I bet you didn't know Potter made glasses. Isn't China delightful?


Thank you ♥

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