Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pollution and decay

There's something mesmerising yet repulsive about the luminescent colours of oil spilt on the wet ground after it's rained.

Oil spilt on wet ground
BP oil spill in summer 2010
Oil slick Doc Martens

From pollution to decay, rust also creates stunning shapes, textures and colours.

On the internet are masses of images of urban decay, sad and inpiring.

Ancient wallpaper
Decaying bricks
Shatter nails, from The Make-Up Blogette
Rusty nails


  1. Fascinating pictures! They are really beautiful but if you think about the reasons behind them they are also a bit scary.

  2. Beautiful and at the same time scary. I've been taking pictures today and you're post has inspired me to one picture ;-) You can find it in my newest post.


Thank you ♥

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