Friday, 27 July 2012

Shoe collection

I thought it would be fun to share my shoes with you. I know some people have three pairs of shoes and some people have three hundred. It would be nice to have lots of shoes, but as with clothes, where do you put them, and when do you wear them all? I think ten is a good number.

Moving forth, I've most artfully and innovatively categorised my shoes into two sections: boots, and not-boots. Firstly, my not-boots, of which there are five pairs.

Left to right:
Trainer: Converse, TK Maxx
Pump: Caravelle, Brantano
Trainer: Converse, some high street sports shop
Brogue: Hush Puppies,
Sandal: Safiya, China

So here we have two pairs of Converse, two black school shoes, and one pair of sandals. I'm not a huge fan of sandals, and these ones I wear mostly in China where it's 30°C. My aunt bought them for me in some department store some years ago, '08 perhaps?

I never buy things online because it's inconvenient, once I start it could be hard to stop, and it's annoying having to ask my dad for his card, and I'm generally suspicious of everything on the internet. Nevertheless, I'd been looking for heeled brogues for months (in between a time when they were everywhere, and now, when they are everywhere, again), tried these Hush Puppies on in a shop in a different colour, and bought them online. I felt like I didn't wear them enough, so nowadays I wear them to school on days when I haven't got science.

To be absolutely truthful, I have some normal non-fashiony trainers, Reebok, in a style I've been wearing since I was two years old or something, but they're camera-shy so please understand.

Next, boots. Half of my entire collection of shoes being boots may sound disproportionate, but I love boots. The British weather likes me loving boots, because I am in them for at least half the year, so in fact it is not disporportionate at all.

Left to right:
Black: Clarks
Brown: Safiya, China
Brown: Rockport, TK Maxx
Grey: F&F, Tesco
Black: Clarks

That modest, low-heeled plain boot on the left is probably the one shoe I've worn most throughout my whole life. I've worn them every year for about seven or eight years? They're size 3 while the rest of my shoes are size 5 - my true size is 4.5 - but Clarks' childrens shoes are always made a little bigger than normal, and the leather's moulded to my feet and probably stretched with me anyway. I can't believe that they used to be almost knee-length!

In the past couple of years, I've also worn the tan brown boots a lot. In search of a brown winter boot, my mum and I trawled through shop after shop in UK, and then in China where we finally found, in the height of summer, these lovely boots in the department store under my sister's flat. The top folds down to reveal the tartan pattern but most of the time I have them knee-length.

I don't wear the black and grey heeled boots very often, because I'm not used to heels. But nowadays I think that's actually a lie, because recently when I wore the grey ones I found them very comfortable. Probably what's happened is that I've gotten used to heels by wearing them to school sometimes.

You can tell the brown boots are from China because it's got a hidden heel inside. I don't really need the extra height, but Chinese people are, on average, shorter than here in UK, and it's absolutely true that in the south where I bought the boots, the place is swarming with midgets and I'm a giant!

The grey boots are, excluding my Converse, are the only shoes I own which is not leather. They are, however, of a very pleasing shape, and were quite cheap, if I remember correctly.

How many shoes do you own? Do you wear them all frequently? I'd love to know.


  1. That's a fine collection you've got there! If I had to divide mine into two sections, I'd go with 'everyday shoes' and 'play shoes'. I seem to have way too many of the latter, but somehow I want more...and more...and more...

    I think I have about 15 pairs of shoes in total?

    Anyway, awesome blog<3

    1. Thanks for your comment! 15 shoes sounds reasonable, it's the people with like 50 I am amazed at - where the hell do they put them??

  2. cool collection! nice blog ;) xoxo

  3. I have a lot of shoes. Maybe 20 pairs. But a lot of them are half broken, but I just can't let go - or I don't want to because I don't have the money to spend. But I really need boots! I'm walking so much that I'm ruining every shoes of mine even my high heels...

    1. I have trouble letting go of old stuff too ;_; But I just got some Docs from eBay, fiiiiinally, so will tell you guys all about them when they arrive!

  4. I am boring...

    Almost all the time I wear black Converse, skater sneakers or Docs-like combat boots.

    1. Now it's winter, I pretty much only wear boots. Wish I knew how to wear heels casually but I'm just terrible at it xD


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