Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shopping with Ginge

We tried on everything with no intention of buying anything. When I don't have anything in my head I'm looking for on a shopping trip, I don't tend to make any purchases, and my day with Ginge was no exception. We had tired feet by the end of it but we had an awesome day.

Dress: Yumi, Oasis
This brand is getting along rather well, isn't it? The dress I tried in Oasis' rather lovely changing rooms was yellow, a more interesting colour than the navy above, and it was absolutely adorable, and incredibly expensive.

Skirt: Oasis
I found that I really like some of the clothes Oasis sells. Everything costs a bomb in there, but I genuinely find the designs beautiful and the quality excellent. The skirt above is part of their London Love Letters line, and the street pattern is just amazing. The skirt is a stiff cotton in cream, and not obscenely short either.

Blouse: Forever 21
I would have considered settling with this blouse in my knowingly-futile hunt for a Victorian-style blouse, if the sleeves were full-length. However, the compromise of an awkward sleeve length and a transparent material is not one I'm willing to make.

Dress: Red Herring, Debenhams
I've seen a shop assistant in Debenhams wearing this dress, and it is amazing. You can tell that it's a high-quality garment, and the cut is immensely flattering.

Heels: Feud, TK Maxx
These heels we tried on for fun, but I kind of love them and almost want them even though I'd never wear them! It's a lovely suede purple colour with a funky heel, and I love the velvety laces and ruffly tongue. The heel is extremely high, and the sole is not flat either, so they are conspiring to tip you forward into a magnificent faceplant with every precarious step. It's almost fun.

Boots: Doc Martens, Schuh
It's almost become a habit for me to go to all the shoe shops and try on whatever Docs which happen to be on display, in size four or five. My favourite were the ones above, as the shape was nice and I love the embroidered roses. Maybe I'll look into those fourteen-eye Vonda Docs...

Trainers: Converse, Cloggs
There were a bunch of superhero and Gorillaz converse on sale, and these were one of my favourites. But I bet I or Ginge could doodle ourselves some pretty neat designs too, if we tried.

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