Friday, 3 August 2012

Mori Girl

'Mori' means 'forest'. The forest girls of this Japanese subculture aim to dress like forest wanderers, embracing all things natural and of the Earth they walk upon. Layer upon layer of loosely-fitting wool and fur shawls, cardigans, skirts and socks create a comfortable and cosy look, in earthy tones of muted browns, creams, greens and reds.

From Antares: Alpha Scorpii
From h i u . y u's Flickr
From HeyLadySpring
From Little Black Book
From Moss Garden
What attracts me to the Mori Girl aesthetic is not only the beautiful outfits - bring on the earmuffs and flat shoes! - but also its emphasis on being natural. As with many subcultures, I think little of the checklists and the tutorials on 'how to be' the label of 'Mori Girl', encouraging people to consciously conform to some sort of mould, which in itself is an unnatural thing to do; and I'm sure many of the pictures I've collected feature girls with make-up and processed hair and all that. I don't wish to downright condemn make-up, hair dye and heels. Nevertheless, know that these things are not paramount for being beautiful.


  1. The style of this subculture is really beautiful. It has such a cosy and unpressured look about it. Just feeling comfortable and at ease with what surrounds you. But I guess there are quite some rules about it, which may threaten this peace.

    1. Cosy and lax, that's a great way of describing it. Thanks for your comment!


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