Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lolita 1

Thanks to my old interest in Japanese pop culture and my long, long use of the internet, I noticed the lolita fashion subculture many years ago, and loved designing excessively full and frilly dresses adorned with ribbons and lace. It probably began my interest in Victorian fashion too.

Lolita is a Victorian-inspired style of clothing characterised by cupcake silhouettes, petticoats, Mary Janes, frills and lace. There are countless styles and themes within this style, like gothic, sweet, classic and punk.

Steampunk lolita on UselessDevice's deviantART
Classic Lolita on Lika-Lu's DeviantART
Steampunk Lolita on AyraLeona's DeviantART
Punk Lolita on fayedilion's DeviantART
Classic Gothic Lolita on SirAsphyxiation's DeviantART
Classic Country Lolita from Moar Lace please
Casual Lolita on hehalana's DeviantART
From Rêve Éveillé
 Years ago my favourite style within this subculture was gothic lolita. While I used to look at it on the internet and draw designs, I never dressed in it, though to this day I still love full skirts, long socks, chokers and lace gloves. I actually have a lovely black bead choker from Claire's, and awesome elbow-length fingerless lace gloves, though I don't wear them often at all, unfortunately.

Now, however, I like classic lolita most, as it looks least costume-like. While some people do wear quite elaborate lolita outfits day-to-day, usually I find it looks vaguely silly and excessive in my eyes; consequently I prefer lolita in art or in photoshoots. On the other hand, I would love to incorporate elements of lolita into my own wardrobe.


  1. Same with me. Sometimes I like to look at it, but I consider it rather "too much". I rather like the application of some elements, though.

    1. Yeah, I think only very few people can 'pull it off' day-to-day.


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