Wednesday, 10 October 2012

That petticoat

How on earth did this crappy photo get picked to feature in Chictopia's style gallery, and get over 200 votes and almost 40 favourites? I wouldn't say I've defected to Chictopia yet - I'm just trying the waters. Obviously I've no fanbase on that site, and my headless photos is an evident disadvantage in terms of exposure since it means my looks can't ever get into the style gallery, but the forum is a flillion times better than Lookbook's, which is a stagnant, diseased hole full of attention whores, and is just not a place worth going any longer.

My Chictopia account, which has nothing new on it, except this crappy photo.
Can you spot me?
I've gotten into the habit of, well, forgetting to do my hair every morning. There's not much to 'do', to be honest. I used to brush it through with my fingers but I don't even bother with that any more. So, sorry about my awful messy crazy hair in that photo, which looks genuinely better when I'm not sitting in the middle of it!

Yes, so, this is my petticoat. Up yours, American Apparel.


  1. I love that petticoat, the colour is amazing! :D

    Hope you'll drop by soon x

  2. Well, the picture has a very special atmosphere to it. I've started on Chictopia a bit, but I've not really put much effort into it. Do you consider it to be better than Lookbook?

    1. For me, being headless is a big disadvantage, but for people who do post full body photos, I probably would say that Chictopia might be 'better' overall. It's got a confusing interface since it's sort of a shop as well, and I still haven't quite worked it out yet, but the chance to get featured in the style gallery is nice, and like I said, the forum is waaaay better than LB's.


Thank you ♥

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