Thursday, 22 November 2012

Velvet and lace choker

These are some of the nicest things I've ever made. They're literally a length of velvet ribbon and lace sewn together - it's crude and simple but it looks pretty. I'm in the process of writing a tutorial on how to make them, for which I'll take photos for an emerald green velvet and cream lace choker I'm making next.

Originally I wanted to make an all-black choker, but I was limited to the materials sold by Hobbycraft. (That place is huge. I could get lost in there.) My second choice was cream lace, but there was none of that either, so I ended up buying white lace - of the most blinding kind - and dyeing it cream-coloured, using tea.

The back is just more ribbon in a butterfly knot, because that's just the easiest way to secure it. Buttons or fasteners are too complicated for a simple soul like me. My mum says the gap between the velvet ribbon is too big so I'm trying longer lengths for the next ones.

Bitch, please.
After the first two chokers I made were successes and I went back to Hobbycraft to get more materials, I found some adverts in the bag for various crafty supplies, one of which amused me somewhat. Bitch, please. Those are not ticks. Those are square roots.

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