Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Nopon

When I woke up at nine in the morning today, I knew what I had to do.

One and a half well-spent hours of my life
Say hello again to Riki - you've met him before - with one of his Littlepon. (He has eleven in total, I believe.) This Littlepon has inherited Riki's punky hair, upon which he's sitting.

I've seen Nopon near the entrance of Frontier Village sit like this, with their wings behind them on the ground supporting their body.

I took the photos above right after finishing them, and then I went upstairs to upload, crop and resize them. Then, on being called down to breakfast, I saw something terrible outside the window.

I was not prepared for such tragedy, and so soon. The Heropon has since been taken into custody on suspicion of fratricide, on account of his sinister expression, and the gruesome corpse at his feet.

The body
Though, I must admit, the anatomy of a snowball Littlepon is fascinating - look at those layers.

 There's nothing for it. We'll have to rope it off as a crime scene, and Get Sherlock.


  1. Hahaha great. Such a tragedy you have to deal with right now. Hope you'll survive :P

  2. Cute


Thank you ♥

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