Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chunky knits

If you're ever at a big sale in a clothes shop, never forget to have a look in the men's section. The middle sizes, so what you usually have left is XS and XXL. I got a basic but very warm orange wool jumper from Next this Boxing Day, and their XS is equivalent to a women's size 10 (UK). Perfect.

Now. What shall I wear with it?

I did some trawling on the internet, and as well as finding my usual LB examples, here are a few tips and suggestions for wearing chunky knits this winter:

Layer up
Wear a collared shirt under your jumper so the collar pokes out at the neck - it's these little details that make an outfit. If it's chilly, chuck on a knit scarf and let it drape over the jumper.

If you've just a plain, manly jumper on your hands, add a feminine touch with a knit brooch. Replace the boring brown or black buttons with something more exciting if it's a cardigan, and if it's not a cardigan, what's to stop you sewing buttons onto a jumper anyway, as decoration?

Add shape
A shapeless mass of wool can be a little unflattering, so to define your waist a little, tuck the jumper into your bottoms, or cinch it in with a wide belt.

Balance it out
Whether they be your favourite winter boots for stomping around in the snow, or some heels with a nice fat heel on them, chunky shoes look great with chunky knits for balancing out the... chunkiness... you've got going on, and gives you the chance to wear something more form-fitting, like tights or skinny jeans, on your legs.

Be surprising 
Chunky jumper and maxi skirt - why not? Perhaps pull out a bright cotton skirt or dress and wear the jumper over it. Heavier materials like cotton, felt and wool materials will look great, but perhaps stay away from light and floaty chiffon, which will jar with the weight of the jumper.

Sneak preview of an upcoming outfit post!
Wear a chunky man jumper (no, really. It's a man jumper.) with a large but girly necklace, and a floral dress.


Thank you ♥

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