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Peppermint Girl: Edwina McG.

My guest this time is the lovely Edwina, all the way from Australia. She popped up in my LB feed one day, and I just had to see the rest of her Lookbook, which is bubbly and fresh, but still retains a nostalgia for the fifties, her favourite decade. If you love polka-dots, you will love this girl. As well as being a bit of a fashionista, Edwina documents her travelling escapades, lively photos and even what she eats on her blog, Peppermint Girl. So, are we ready to meet her?

Peppermint Girl

1. Hey, Edwina! What are three things we should know about you?

Why, hello there! I guess the most important thing anyone should and will come to know about me, is my undying love of film. I've been watching films non-stop ever since I can remember. I sort of skipped the cartoon and Disney phase as a child - I preferred to watch films like Beetlejuice, Terminator 2, Gremlins and Dune. When I was fourteen, I noticed my passion was much greater than anyone I knew, so I asked myself, "I wonder how many films I've seen?" Curiosity got the better of me, so I endeavoured to find out. I tried to recall every film I'd ever seen, gave a rating to every single one to keep a record of it - and as we speak - my current count is 2,704.

Secondly, while I'm a Graphic Designer by profession, my secret ambition is to be a musician. I've been playing guitar since I was fifteen (both electric and acoustic) and singing for even longer. I record covers and demos every now and then put them on my Soundcloud.

And lastly, despite my somewhat cynical nature (I'm a harsh critic to the point where people call me a robot) I'm quite a child at heart (so at least I like toy robots!) My bookshelves are filled with comic books, Lego, figurines, toy cars... you name it! I'm a sucker for novelty items and I still sleep with stuffed toys.

'Rainy days indoors' on LB

2. How has your style developed into what it is now?

My style has changed quite dramatically over the years. I started out wearing my brother's hand-me-downs - you wouldn't catch me dead in a skirt or a dress. By the time I was a young teenager, I lived in jeans - the baggiest jeans I could find - and t-shirts. I didn't really become conscious of cultivating any sort of unique style until I was about sixteen or so, when I began being influenced by the music I was listening to. I got sucked into the 'emo' style for a couple of years, but by the time I was eighteen I was over it. By that point I still had a largely masculine influence, my wardrobe consisted of waistcoats, button-up shirts and tight black jeans. I think the turning point for me was when I saw a photo of myself when I was nineteen and I decided jeans didn't flatter my figure at all. So, I decided to switch to a more feminine style. Now after all my years of refusing to wear skirts and dresses - that's all I wear!

I guess now I'm just more aware of myself and what suits my body shape, hair, skin colour etc. and also what I feel comfortable in. I know what works and what doesn't, which colours suit me and which ones don't - but that doesn't stop me from trying again when I see an item of clothing I like!

'Essential Logic' on LB

3. Which of your looks is your personal favourite at the moment?

At the moment, my favourite look is probably one I haven't taken a proper outfit photo of yet - here's a glimpse of it though. Polka-dots are my poison. And, for me, nothing is better than electric blue. Besides black, that blue feels like home when I wear it. Of my official outfit photos, can't go wrong with a bit of Essential Logic.

4. What do you think of the street fashion where you live?

I live in Melbourne where street fashion ranges from drab and boring to completely eclectic and wild. I really love it. I often see people in the street, on a train or at a cafe and find myself completely immersed and mesmerised by their style - even if it's not something I myself would wear. The other day I was on the train and sat across from this girl with the most amazing bright teal hair. The best part was everything matched - her wallet and phone cover were the same as her hair - and she paired it with a simple baby pink and lavender dress and ankle boots. She was like a pastel dream.

Sometimes I wish we could have a camera built into our eyeballs so we can record the people who look amazing on the streets to remember for ever more.

'Pea Coat' on LB

5. Where do you like to shop?

I'm a bit of a bargain hunter by nature, so most of my wardrobe consists of things I found on sale. The only exception is if I absolutely must have something. However, Australia is an expensive place to buy well... anything! Clothing and shoes are basically double the price of America, and with the Australian dollar being almost identical in worth, it makes buying anything here just so silly! So I tend to do most of my shopping online and shop from a few selected retailers that are reasonable in price (or ones that just stock pretty dresses!)

I'm a bit of an American Apparel fanatic, they suit me well because I'm so tiny and their sizes are petite enough for me. A lot of places, like Zara, don't stock anything I can fit into - they're all too big, a problem I often face. I had to miss out a Lover skirt on sale once because I was too tiny for it!

In short, my staple online shops are Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, ASOS and American Apparel. Although I tend to buy most often from the latter two because they offer free shipping. In store, I go to Topshop, Dangerfield, Sportsgirl and General Pants Co. And if I'm feeling like lashing out or just looking and dreaming, I check out Review and Gorman.

'Mad Puppet' on LB

6. Who are your fashion icons?

Anna Karina - so effortlessly cool. She has the ability to pull off this rad feminine prowess style and at the same time appear rather casual in doing so. She's never overdressed. Somehow she can wear a simple cardigan and slip dress and seem completely ethereal.

Rosalie Cunningham - the lead singer of ill-fated and short-lived band, Ipso Facto. The whole band is worth mentioning (their style was so succinct) but Rosalie is my age so I feel more akin to her. All black and white, all the time. And while I don't dress in as much black as I used to - she makes me want to.

Elin Jönsson - aka blogger/Lookbooker Elinkan. She disappeared a while ago, but I followed her style for years and still look to her for inspiration from time to time.

7. What do you love about the fifties?

Oh gosh, where do I start! I love the stereotypical fifties culture, the imagery of roadside diners, neon signs, burgers and milkshakes, roller skates, comic books, B movies, the explosion of rock and roll and pop music, the general manners, courtesy and naivety... and of course, I love the fashion. I swear, you look back at photos of the fifties, and not one man, woman or child is poorly dressed. It's like everyone was stylish in their own unique way. I also love the design. From the fifties emerged this surge in colour and flare and creative illustration.

'Zombie Dance' on LB

8. You often document your travelling and days out on your blog. What's your favourite place you've visited, and why?

That's a tough one! I recently visited Europe for the first time, however I got quite sick and didn't get to experience much (boourns!) But, from what I was able to experience, I loved Switzerland and Germany. Switzerland has such beautiful architecture, it's like a storybook country. Not to mention the hot chocolates are to die for. And there was something about Germany that had me straight away, hard to explain, it was more of a feeling I got being there. I've been to America previously, which I loved too. I could see myself living in San Francisco or New York, I adored them both. I'll need to go back to London though, I think that might be the place for me.

I don't know about other places, but I think UK is a decent place to live. Developed country, most of the facilities you need, social security and whatnot.

9. What do you see yourself doing, and where, in seven years' time?

I'll be thirty - yikes! I hope by then I've established a solid career, although not necessarily strictly in graphic design. I have a fairly broad scope of creative appreciation from music to film to crafts, so I'd like to think I'd be heavily involved in one, if not all of those! As for my location, I'd like to be overseas, London, New York, even Stockholm. I have a heavily romanticised ideal of travelling and working in other countries, I'm just biding my time until it becomes a plausible reality!

Thank you again for your lovely long answers. It's so nice when my interviewees put a lot of effort into it, because I do these interviews to get to know cool people, and that's exactly what's happening. I hope you'll find yourself in a romantic city doing something you love soon, Rebecca!



  1. very cute !
    i loved the interview though an i will have to go look at her !
    hope you can check out my blog as well though if you have time[:


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