Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ripper Street

Being Human's on its last series, Doctor Who's not 'til April at least (isn't even that good half the time anyway) and don't even start thinking about Sherlock. So if you've that ever-insatiable desire for some decent British drama, do yourself a favour and watch Ripper Street.

Matthew Macfadyen as Reid
 Once again my Wifey brought my attention to Ripper Street as a Victorian detective drama which has the exact seem aesthetic as Ritchie's Holmes films, even down to the music. Deliciously violent, with (metaphorically) meaty characters, intricate plots and endless secrets, this series is immensely satisfying in all areas.

The blackest, most depraved characters and corners of Victorian London are protagonist Detective Inspector Reid's watch, and believe me when I tell you it is grim. Torture, blackmail, prostitution, terrorism, you name it. (Makes for amazing telly though.)

The choker worn by the lady on the right? I own it.
As with most period dramas, you can expect to feast your eyes on some pretty sweet clothes too. Plaid suit, anyone?

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