Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hair bow tutorial

I had a lot of fun making that choker tutorial, so I took photos of how I made this crochet lace hair bow as I went along, too. It requires no glue and very little sewing, and absolutely no neatness or fancy stitching methods.

  • 38cm of crochet lace trim, about 9cm wide
  • 2 square pieces of the same crochet lace trim
  • hair barrette
  • gauze ribbon
  • needle and thread
Lengths are very approximate, and depend on how big a bow you're wanting. Those lengths are the ones I used to make mine. I got the crochet lace trim from the haberdashery in the local indoor market, the gauze ribbon from Hobbycraft, and the hair barrette from the kitchen bin. (For some reason, my mum didn't want it any more.) Pull or cut off whatever used to be on the hair barrette.

Lay the crochet lace in front of you and fold the two ends into the middle. Sew or tie the ends together so you end up with a loop, which I'm putting my hand into above.

Cut a generous length of the gauze ribbon and cinch in the middle of the loop as shown above, tying with a secure reef knot. Try to make the bow neat and symmetrical, and don't cut off the ends of the ribbon yet.

Now get those two square pieces of crochet lace and fold them across their diagonals to make two right-angled triangles. Sew them somehow to the back of the bow like above. Crude, but it looks pretty good from the other side!

The last thing to do is attach the barrette. Use the loose ends of that gauze ribbon to first tie the barrette to the middle of the bow with a secure knot again, after which you can trim the ends. Then, for good measure, get another bit of the gauze ribbon and tie around the whole bow and the barrette.

The barrette I used has a hole in each end, which I sewed directly onto the bow to further secure the barrette. Because the crochet lace is quite a holey material I actually tied the two ends of thread together rather than trust on a knot to stay in the material.

Congratulations - a winner is you! Now you have a huge fat ostentatious bow to put on the back of your head for others to admire while you wonder whether it's fallen off or fallen apart yet. How selfless of you.


  1. Very beautiful!!!

  2. This is really lovely & a perfect d.i.y as randomly I have loads of spare bits of crochet lace haha! x


Thank you ♥

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