Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Interesting leather jackets

I am just sickening. Everyone else has one, and I was jealous. It's my birthday on Friday and I asked for the top-left jacket and it is gorgeous.

But even this style of biker jacket in faux leather are around £50 (± £20) on the high street. Real leather jackets are at least twice that amount. Some are quite obviously plastic and others are not, but researching these jackets made me question my own obsession with things that look like leather having to be leather.

Is wanting real leather for narcissists who can afford it, or is it a justified demand for quality investment?
|| AllSaints || Muubaa ||

Because everyone and their girlfriend's girlfriend seems to have this kind of jacket, I was keen to find ones which set themselves apart from the crowds. Hand-painted leather jackets immediately caught my eye as art and fashion merged into a stunning statement piece. I particularly like the assymetric designs, which goes well with the asymmetric zip. It makes me want to buy some gold spray paint and spray a Zelda emblem on the back of my denim jacket with a stencil.

As well as painted leather jackets, I found them embroidered, laser-cut and with funky inner linings. Which one is your favourite? If you have one, how do you style your biker jacket?


  1. The peacock feathers one is... oh wow. But I know what you mean about everyone having one - the other night, me and 3 friends met up and we were all wearing (fake) leather jackets. But there's such a huge range available and they look so darn cooooool...

    1. I love the feather one too - such a simple but effective design.
      Just shows how versatile leather jackets are - almost every young person can wear them.

  2. A few years back I got my real leather jacket from a shop called Bershka. Dunno if they've now shut all their UK shops but they're a bit like H&M and it was a steal at only £50! You might get lucky going 2nd hand I'd reckon x

    1. Wowwww, £50 is AMAZING for a real leather jacket. Very jealous!
      I'm just looking at their website - thanks for bringing it to my attention - and I love this jacket:
      £100 is not bad considering the detailing and material.


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