Sunday, 31 March 2013


I really like yellow. I like it so much I'm going to do another post all about it. It's a difficult colour to wear, but all the more impressive if you can pull it off.

Yellow is sunshine, yellow is 'get ready', yellow radioactive, yellow is... lead(II) iodide. So stuff little black dresses - I would love a little yellow dress, woven from sunbeams for spring. After all of last weekend's snow, this Easter here in UK is delightfully sunny, though I am spending my time on the floor with cramps so can't enjoy it. But I hope you're having a pleasant, pain-free Easter.

For these outfit sets I tried to work around the theme of spring, using the most interesting footwear I could find.

Brooch: priddylaydee
I'm not really into pointy shoes and they could be really ugly IRL, but as a novelty, I think these pencil pumps are really hilarious. Going with the librarian theme, I added some book earrings. Daffodils to me are the herald for spring round here, because they're always the flowers I notice most when they come out, because they're so numerous and so bright. The stalks and leaves are starting to grow quite tall now.

Jacket: Levi's
Socks: Wild Bird Haven
Ring: Alex Monroe
Collar tips: Topshop
Dress: Reiss
Boots: Miista
Bag: Modcloth
When I come out of school at five in the evening, it's nice to see the sun go down, rather than walk out into blackness. The days are getting longer, but I've always found sunset to be rather sad, especially in late summer. The end of another day, probably wasted, knowing me...

Scarf: Elizabetta
Ring: Delfina Delettrez
Socks: Topshop
Dress: Reiss
Bag: Brighton
Heels: Irregular Choice
This final set is probably more summer than spring, and it'll be a long time yet until the bees start coming out, but one must look forward to the future. Irregular Choice has some really awesome shoe designs - I really enjoyed looking through the site.

Whether it be spring, summer, autumn or winter, yellow can work in any season. Though it's a colour more associated with the warmer months, I find a rich mustard yellow to be quite visually warming in cold weather. (I've recently started putting generous amounts of Dijon mustard into my lunchtime sandwiches, and boy, does it taste good.)

Looking for more yellow? Try here.


  1. Love the yellow! Really getting me excited for warmer weather. And those pencil shoes are too funny! I love how quirky and fun your looks are.

    -Mega from

    1. Thanks, so glad you like them. I love funny shoes too!

  2. yellow has to be one of my favorite colors, hands down! i love how you paired the dress with different colors.

    xoxo, alicia

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun making these sets.


Thank you ♥

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