Friday, 9 August 2013


As you may have noticed, I'm a bit of a Tim Burton fan. Coraline was advertised and a children's film, and I suppose it is, but it's the creepiest kid's film I've ever watched. Her voice may be annoying, but getting past that, I quite enjoyed her clothes.

Firstly, blue hair. Not enough people have that rich midnight blue for a hair colour. You can spot her signature dragonfly hairpin in all of her pictures, too.

The raincoat is not the most glamorous of outerwear, but the unapologetic shade of yellow, and matching wellies, looks really quite good. Starry jumpers and lime green tights with pink trainers are also included in the list of things Coraline can pull off.

What I'm wearing right now are pyjamas from Tesco which I got for something like £6 or £7. They were in the children's section and the top is a rather blinding shade of magenta, but it's warm and fits me and isn't falling apart, like the pyjamas I've worn for the past six or seven years of my life. But, if I could have any pyjamas ever, it would be Coraline's orange polka-dot ones.

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