Saturday, 24 August 2013

Frilly socks tutorial

When I 'made' my frilly ankle socks I didn't do a full-blown tutorial on it, but this time round I remembered to take some pictures of the process.

Just a few ways to wear knee-high frilly socks
 I started with some blinding-white knee-high socks from the children's section at Sainsbury's. They were on sale for something like £2 for three pairs or something, and were for size 3 feet, but are stretchy enough to fit on size 5. If you are looking for these holey kind of school socks and your feet are bigger than mine, I am sure some shops will sell them for larger feet. Again, try supermarkets.

The lace trim I used was gathered already, because it was just what I already had at home, but you can use flat lace trim to get the same effect.

I wanted some cream-coloured frilly socks so I dyed all my materials with coffee. (I got bored of tea from the choker tutorial.) I reckon dying the stuff first before sewing it together is better, because the lace is usually some man-made material while my socks are cotton, and cotton dyes easier.

Boil some water and half-fill a cereal bowl with it. Chuck in about half a teaspoonful of instant coffee, though adjust depending on how dark you want the colour. A swig of vinegar apparently helps set the colour, though I'm unclear as to the effectiveness or the mechanism of this. But it won't hurt, right? Unless your olfactory senses are easily offended, that is.

Leave the materials in the coffee for five to ten minutes. The man-made material lace may take longer than the cotton socks. When you take it out and give it a wring, it should be darker than you want it in the end, as it will dry lighter.

Turn the socks inside-out before dying. Turn them back the right way round after they've dried and you'll find that the dye is a lot more even.


Once everything's dry, stick a 15cm ruler into the sock as shown to stretch it out evenly. Just check that 30cm of the lace will fit round the widest part of your calf, and if the length's long enough, go ahead and sew it on. I did mine really messily with massive stitches so it looks really awful until it's half-stretched out on my leg, when I think it looks passable. I hope you agree!


  1. I HAVE THAT EXACT SAME BOWL. IT'S MY BREAKFAST BOWL. Also, I've previously noticed (and loved) the colour of those long socks you wear, so I may just do this sock biz :)

    1. BOWL SNAP.
      Dunno about you but we got 2 dog bowls and 2 cat bowls for £1 each from Woolworths. Ah, Woolies, how I miss you ;_;


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