Monday, 25 November 2013

Herohom and homies

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And this is when I try to doodle neatly.

I always love imagining Dunban in his (relative) youth, in the army with his chums, Dickson and Mumkhar. I wonder how they first met, whether they sparred with each other sometimes, how many times they got wasted together. And then Xenoblade Chronicles happened...

Doctor Who was really good last weekend but infuriating too, because we have to wait for Christmas for another new episode. So instead I'm busying my inner fangirl by obsessing over Xenoblade, again. Last night I had a pot at the level 120 dragon in the mountains. It didn't go so well but I will try harder next time.

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  1. What a beautiful sketch. I have zero drawing talent so a sketch like this is amazing to me.
    And Doctor Who was amazing! I'm so excited for the search for Galifrey! :]


Thank you ♥

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