Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gru logo Minion badge tutorial

I made a thing. It's crude and childish-looking but I am ridiculously proud of myself. I don't have photos of it yet but I absolutely adore my Minion cosplay. I couldn't bring myself to spray paint the Gru logo onto the front of the cheap-ass pinafore I got from Primark, so I made a removable pin badge instead, out of felt. Here's how to make it.

You will need:
  • circle-drawing compass
  • circle of yellow felt, radius 2.8cm
  • circle of black felt, radius 2.5cm
  • Gru logo paper template, radius 2.5cm
  • circle of thin cardboard for reinforcement, radius 2.0cm
  • circle of felt (I've used blue) for the back, radius 2.6cm
  • brooch back pin
  • scissors
  • berry pins
  • needle and black thread
You can print the Gru logo or just draw it like I did, with a compass and a ruler. I've shaded in the bit I'm going to cut out to make it clearer for myself. I got the brooch back pin from an indoor market haberdashery, and the felt from a discount stationery shop (I think it was The Works).

Hold or pin together the paper template and black felt and cut along your lines. Constantly check your paper hasn't moved and adjust accordingly. Be especially careful with the thin, narrow bits. Then hold or pin together the black and yellow pieces of felt and sew around the edges. You don't need the stitches of the outer circle too dense because you'll be sewing round there again later.

Cut two diamond-shaped holes in your last felt circle where the brooch back pin's two ends stick up, shove the brooch back pin through the holes. Use the compass point to make holes in your cardboard to get your needle through, then sew the brooch back pin, felt and cardboard all together.

Finally, sew together the front and back of the badge together round the circumference. As you can see, my badge is extremely ugly from the back, but no one sees it and I'm no neat freak so it's All Good. Now you can pin it to the front of your dungarees/pinafore/whatever you want!
Minions love bananas


  1. Such a cute little pin! I don't plan to ever cosplay a minion, but I would want to make this pin to just have it on a backpack or something. I love it!

    The Girly Gamer


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