Friday, 31 January 2014

Silent Witness

Happy Chinese new year, people! How have you been? I've cried about five times in the past twenty-four hours over interviews and getting into uni so I hope you're doing better than me.

I started watching the current series of Silent Witness, series 17, to fill the telly void which was feeling particularly empty after Sherlock left my Sunday evenings devoid of meaning. I like crime drama - Luther, Ripper Street, Sherlock, Silk to some extent - so I initially found Silent Witness perfectly watchable. I enjoyed being seduced by the glamour of forensics and Science and corrupt cops and planted evidence.

A few weeks in and it's become what I live for - I pretty much want to marry Jack Hodgson, and I feel like I'm really going to miss watching dead people on slabs getting cut open. The guest characters are stereotypical and used over and over again. The main characters are perpetually moody and never learn from mistakes. It's crap telly and I love it, even though I feel like the only person in the world who does.

Nikki and Jack: the only people on TV who can wear a shell suit and scrubs, and still look damn hot
From Herts and Essex Observer
Series 17 ends tonight and I'm chomping my way through series 16 at quite a pace. (The past two series are the only ones with Jack in them, eheh...) Have you any telly to suggest to me once I run out?

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