Friday, 18 April 2014

Tooth Fairy 1

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These past few weeks and days I have been trying very, very hard to draw something nice of Rise of the Guardians' Tooth Fairy. My first attempts were sketchy hope I'm getting progressively better? I'm working on another one which is in a different style and it looks really promising.

The biggest problem I have with digital art is that I am utterly incapable of drawing smooth lines. (I mean, check out that wonky sword.) In the next one I've used a curve tool, but it's limiting. And the problem with Tooth herself is that she's so feathery and I have no idea how to convey that texture... or any texture, that is.

How's your Easter going? I've been revising, slowly, without any sense of urgency because I don't know why. Judging from what I'm scoring in past papers, if I sat my exams right now I could probably scrape an A in most of them, but this assumption is really doing nothing for my motivation to work.

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  1. Her twistedy tail feathers look beautiful! And those colours! She's such a beautiful character :) I've tried so many times to do digital art, I've just given up haha


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