Saturday, 26 July 2014

New stuff

I have no willpower.

Skirt: Tu, Sainsbury's
I bought this just now for a tenner down from £30, as apparently it's a damaged product. I compared it with the full-priced ones and I think what's happened is that someone bought this skirt, washed it at a really high temperature so the fabric's shininess has disappeared so the colours are slightly duller, and then returned it to the shop. It's got a lot of volume and sits right at my waist so I'm going to have a lot of fun flouncing around in this.

Dress: New Look
Sight-seeing in Italy involves a lot of churches, so I needed a long dress for my holiday there, which I'll be posting more pictures of very soon. I don't usually wear maxi skirts or dresses so this one makes me feel really dramatic, plus it's very light and comfortable because I don't wear a bra with it. If you're looking for this dress, it's in the teens' section.

Swimsuit: Next
When you buy clothes from airport shops you don't need to pay tax on it, so I got a slight reduction on this gorgeous white swimsuit. I want to wear it all the time even though I'm not at the beach, but no one cares if I wear weird stuff on my own at home, right?

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  1. That skirt is gorge and it would totally go with that swim costume if you felt inclined haha


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